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      Journal Papers after 2005

160. Sayali Tope, Seungbeom Noh, Rana Dalapati, Ling Zang and Hanseup Kim, Development of a sub-10-ppm Limit of Detection Lateral Nanogap Gas Sensor, IEEE Sensors Letters, 7 (2023) 1-4. doi: 10.1109/LSENS.2023.3307120 PDF version
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PDF version

158.  Yanjun Gong, Liyang Fu, Yanxue Che, Hongwei Ji, Yifan Zhang*, Ling Zang, Jincai Zhao, and Yanke Che*, Fabrication of Two-Dimensional Platelets with Heat-Resistant Luminescence and Large Two-Photon Absorption Cross Sections via Cooperative Solution/Solid Self-Assembly, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 145 (2023) 9771-9776.
PDF version

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156. Xiaowen Xie, Nan Gao, Ling Zhu, Matthew Hunter, Shuai Chen,* and Ling Zang*, PEDOT:PSS/PEDOT chemiresistive sensors for hydrogen peroxide vapor detection under ambient conditions. Chemosensors, 11 (2023) 124.
PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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PDF version

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132.  Zexu Xue, Shuai Chen*, Nan Gao, Yu Xue, Baoyang Lu, Olivia Anielle Watson, Ling Zang*, Jingkun Xu*, Structural Design and Applications of Stereoregular Fused Thiophenes and Their Oligomers and Polymers (Review), Polymer Reviews, 60 (2020) 318-358. PDF version

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