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Prof. Ling Zang

USTAR Office: Rm5543 SMBB building,
Tel. 801-587-1551

Department Office: Rm313 CME building,
Tel. 801-585-0966

Fax: 801-585-0625

Mailing Address:
SMBB Building, Room 5543
36 South Wasatch Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84112
1. Detecting Danger at Nanoscale: New Technology for Security 

Vaporsens, Inc.
, Salt Lake City, USA       

Founded in 2011 based on the patented techniques developed by Dr. Ling Zang, Vaporsens develops a revolutionary sensor system capable of detecting a broad range of explosive vapors with unprecedented sensitivity and speed. The sensor 1) detects explosives that remain challenging for current detection technologies, 2) has high throughput providing results in seconds, 3) can be used in small, portable devices, and 4) provides "stand-off" or distance detection.

2. Robust Molecular Probes for Trace Mercury (Hg2+) Detection

Metallosensors Inc.,
Salt Lake City, USA

Founded in 2010 based on the patented technology developed by Dr. Ling Zang, Metallosensors focuses its business on research, development and manufacturing of highly efficient fluorescence sensor materials and devices for expedient detection of trace metal ions in aqueous systems, including mercury (Hg2+). 

Metallosensors was recently awarded a SBIR grant from NSF for developing next generation of device for Trace Mercury Detection. 

Mercury Detection

3. Super-fine Safety Nets

We have developed a new generation of extremely acute sensing devices using nanowires. Together, these infinitesimally small threads act as super-fine filters that can catch airborne molecules from explosives (such as TNT). This patented technique was licensed to
FLIR, a leading manufacturer in trace detection of explosives.

super-fine safety nets

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