CS 6640 Projects

CS 6640 Projects

  1. Project1 (Due Sept. 12)
  2. Project2 (Due Sept. 29)
  3. Do one project: Project3 (Due Oct. 21) or Project3b (Due Oct. 21). Please look at both projects before deciding.
  4. Project4 (Due Nov. 24)
  5. Project5 (Due Dec. 13)

Below is general information which applies to every project.

Directory Structure

Write your project code and report in a single directory, called project1(project2, etc)

Program Requirement

Document your programs carefully for grading purpose.

The Project Report

Your project report will be in the form of an html file called
index.html, contained in the project directory. All links from that file must be relative and all other files necessary to read your report must be in that directory (or subdirectories).
You should use examples of images in your report. They should be viewable in the browser when we open your html.
An important part of every assignment is what you write up to describe the work you did on the project. Begin every report with:

1)Your Name
2)The email address you use to subscribe to the class list

The report should include answers to all the questions given in the project description. If you have handed in more than one program, then indicate each program with their file names.

Your report should include some description of your matlab files: tell us which program does what, and how. If you couldn't get some important part of the project to work, then describe what you tried, and what you did successfully finish.

We are not looking for any kind of fancy HTML tricks. That means you should probably not be using any HTML tags which were not possible in HTML 3.2. We just want a simple way of putting images and text together. You can generate your HTML page with the help of a program which can "save as" HTML, but you can also just write the HTML by hand. Please try to keep the html files somewhat flat. That is, don't have lots of links to lots of small pieces of the project (it takes more time to follow all those links and grade it). Keep the report mostly in one file and use links to display larger images or other things that are not part of the flow of the report.


A simple way to create a webpage is making your document in Word and saving it as a webpage.

What to Turn In

You should turn in all the matlab code for all functions that you write, and the project report described above. Each matlab function should be in a separate, appropriately named ".m" file You will submit a single tar file created from within the
myapps directory with the unix command tar -czf projectX.tgz ./projectX.

How to submit your files

The CADE facility (college of engineering computer facility) has a system called
handin for handing in files. To use this you will need to know your CADE user ID and password. Their web page has instructions for that.


The easy way to submit an assignment is the use the web interface for the handin system, which is here. It will ask you for your CADE ID/password and then will ask you for the class name, which is "cs6640" for us.


You can also use a command line interface to submit your assignments. To do this, you need to log into a CADE machine, and if necessary, transfer your files to that account. Here are some examples of how this program works:

handin cs6640

will show you the available subdirectories, one for each of the different assignments.

handin cs6640 project1

will show you the list of files you have submitted for the first project, in the project1 directory.

handin cs6640 project1 filename1 filename2 ...

will submit your files filename1, filename2 etc. You can't unsubmit files, but if you submit a file again, the old file is overwritten. If you need more information about handin, type

man handin

for proper documentation. If you don't understand these handin directions, please ask TA or instructor well in advance of the due date.

Late Policy

There will be 10 points (out of 100) deducted for each week the assignment is late. For example, if the assignment is due on Feb 7, the maximum score is 90 for all projects submitted from Feb 8 to Feb 15, and 80 for all projects submitted during the week following that. The most that will be deducted for any assignment (for late submission) that is submitted before the end of the semester will be 50 points.