CS/ECE 6712: VLSI Testing
Spring 2016

General Information

Course Description

This course is for people who have submitted a VLSI chip for fabrication through MOSIS. Students will prepare tests for their chips, convert those tests into a format suitable for our chip tester, and use the Tektronix LV500 chip tester to test their chips when they are returned from MOSIS. MOSIS requires that all educational chips be tested and that a test report is returned to MOSIS. This is one primary goal of this course: to test your chip, write a test report, and send that report to MOSIS.

Teams may also want to design boards to host their chips in a small system. Prototypes can be designed using wire-wrap technology, or with printed circuit boards. After testing the chip in the tester, working chips can be integrated into a prototype system.

Course Data