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CS 6510  Practical Functional Programming
Spring 2010MWF 9:40-10:30   MEB 1208
Instructor: Matthew FlattOffice Hours: by appointment, MEB 3458

This course is about functional programming, emphasizing functional-programming skills and techniques that apply to all programming languages. Roughly one-third of the course meetings provide a conventional lecture; in the remaining meetings, we study example programs written and presented by students who are taking the course.

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Jan 11:Course setup, How to design programs; slides
Jan 13:How to design programs; slides
Jan 15:How to design programs; slides; HW1
Jan 18:Holiday
Jan 20:Class canceled
Jan 22:Class canceled
Jan 25:Graph-layout programs
Jan 27:Graph-layout programs
Feb 1:Tail calls and space safety; HW2
Feb 3:Clue; HW3
Feb 5:Graph-layout programs on lots of nodes
Feb 8:Clue move validation
Feb 10:Clue move validation; HW3 tests
Feb 12:Scheme loops and comprehensions; Clue mini game; HW4
Feb 15:Holiday
Feb 17:Success and fail continuations; success-fail-k.zip
Feb 19:Clue mini game clients
Feb 22:Clue mini game clients; HW5
Feb 24:Monads: monads.zip
Feb 26:Closure compilation; clos-comp.zip; Feeley87
Mar 1:Compiling an interpreter
Mar 3:Clue full game clients
Mar 5:Class canceled, but HW5 due
Mar 8:Clue full game clients
Mar 10:Macros
Mar 12:Continuations and web servers: slides, more slides, server.ss
Mar 15:Class canceled
Mar 15:Project planning
Mar 19:Slideshow
Mar 22:Spring break
Mar 24:Spring break
Mar 26:Spring break
Mar 29:Scribble
Mar 31:Lambda Calculus


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