CS 5510 Homework 5

Due: Friday, March 5th, 2010 11:59pm

Part 1 – Clue Mini-Game with Suggestions

Create a program that acts as a Clue player by communicating with a TCP server at a given host and port number, where the protocol now includes suggestions and accusations, but not yet cards. Win this mini-game by accusing the right player with the right weapon in the right room.

Every message from the server to the client now takes two lines. The first one is a message name. The second contains the message data.

The protocol for the game is:

This protocol has the property that the message type sent by a server is always predictable. The message names like turn serve only for debugging and sanity checks.

For experimenting, you can use the server provided in server-2.zip, which includes “random” and “sensible” players, both of which track suggestion responses in the obvious way.

Part 2 – Full Clue Game

Finally, build a client that works for the full Clue game:

As before, the message type sent by a server with this protocol is always predictable.

For experimenting, you can use the server provided in server-3.1.zip (or server-3.zip for the unrevised protocol). In additon to the “random” and “sensible” players, the provided players include a “leech” player that is activated with -l. The “leech” player does not track its own information, and instead just watches for suggestions that were not disproven, which it immediately uses as an accusation. Since the “sensible” player never bluffs, it is likely to be defeated by the “leech” player.

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