Group members

Prof. Taylor D. Sparks

Associate Professor & Associate Chair
Materials Science & Engineering Department
office: CME 314, phone: 801.581.8632
CV, publications

PhD Students

Marcus Parry
office: HEDCO 209
research area: superhard ternary transition metal borides and carbides.
Recipient of the ARCS Fellowship and INL Graduate Fellowship.
Kaai Kauwe
office: HEDCO 209
research area: machine learning and discovery of thermoelectrics.
Recipient of the Gerald Stringfellow Fellowship
Chong Lei
office: HEDCO 209
research area: electrochemically driven mechanical failure
Jason Hall
office: HEDCO 209
research area: machine learning of solid rocket fuel composites.
PhD Sponsored by Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
Pooya Elahi
office: HEDCO 209
research area: non-equilibrium thermodynamics in electrochemical and thermoelectric systems
Husain Alnaser
office: WBB 112
research area: growth of quantum material single crystals
Hasan Sayeed
office: HEDCO 215
research area: growth and materials informatics for quantum materials
Sterling Baird
office: HEDCO 215
research area: thermoelectrics
Recipient of the Gregory B. McKenna Fellowship

Ms Students

Andrew Falkowski
office HEDCO 214
research area: HEA Alloys sponsored by INL LDRD

Clark Nielson
office: HEDCO 214
research area: bioceramics
Hayden Johnson
office: HEDCO 214
research area: High entropy alloys
Isaac Krieger
office: HEDCO 215
research area: metallization of printed RF components. Sponsored by L3Harris.

undergraduate Interns and visitors

Marianne Liu
research topic: machine learning and solid polymer electrolytes
Esther Hammon
research topic: ACCESS Program, materials informatics
Lauren Schwenke
research topic: Engineering Scholars Program, materials informatics

Rosa Ward
research topic: superhard alloys. Support from NSF REU Supplement.

Pramit Chalise
research topic: resource sustainability metrics

Travis Allen
research topic: corrosion resistant alloys for solar thermal (in conjunction with HiFunda SBIR)

Michael Alverson
research topic: machine learning quantum materials

Faris Khan
research topic: materials informatics algorithms

Ashley Henderson
research topic: materials informatics algorithms

Former group members and alumni


Dr. Jeff Bates University of Utah, Materials Science and Engineering Department
Dr. Kyu Bum Han Senior Scientist, Hifunda LLC
Dr. Wu Wenjuan Chengdu University of Information Technology, Assistant Professor of Physics
Dr. Maged Bekheet Technical University of Berlin, Group Leader
Dr. Shadi Al Khateeb Al Balqa University of Technology, Assistant Professor

Graduate students

Garrett Meeks MS 2017, Williams International
Nasikul Islam Haliburton
Christian Robert MS 2018, Micron Technology Utah
Colton Fox MS 2018, US Synthetic
Leila Ghadbeigi PhD 2018, postdoc at the University of Utah
Ashley Kennedy MS 2019, Law School, University of Utah
Logan Kiefer MS 2019, Edwards Lifesciences
Alexander Szendrei PhD 2019, IM Flash
Danielle Beatty MS 2020, PhD student at UC Boulder
Amber Barron MS 2020, Procter & Gamble
Jason Nance MS 2020, Utah Department of Transportation
Conrad Clemente MS 2020, Amazon
Jake Graser PhD 2020, Cricut

interns & Visitors (and their home institutions)

Ryan Murdock University of Utah
Kayla Mumford University of Utah
Anthony Yu-Tang Wang Technische Universitat Berlin
Brennan Theler University of Utah
Konrad Serbinowski University of Utah
Elise Buki University of Utah
Shane Tory University of Utah
Ali Dibble University of Utah
Rishabh Sahani Jaypee University, India
Benjamin Gilmore University of Utah
Zixiao Liu University of Utah
Patrick Nichols University of Utah
Matthew Judge University of Utah
Mikal Hanna University of Utah
Ian Robinson University of Utah
Carl Luft University of Utah
Max Gallant University of Utah
Kyle Roberts University of Utah
Nic Flinner University of Utah
Alexandre Stella Sao Paulo University,Brazil
Pablo Moreno San Jose State University
Debora Costa Martins Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Thiago Trindade Federal University of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys, Brazil
Emily Timmins University of Utah
Laercio Martins Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Brandon Day University of Utah
Kristina Lundgren University of Utah
Katie Sautter Pennsylvania State University
Suzanne Petryk Cornell University