Taylor D. Sparks
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Utah

office: CME 314, phone: 801.581.8632
email: sparks@eng.utah.edu

Our research group focuses primarily on the discovery, synthesis, and characterization of new materials for energy applications such as batteries, thermoelectrics and others. We rely on big data and materials informatics as we explore new synthetic techniques, structure-property relationships, and sustainable materials that balance performance with economic factors such as cost, abundance, and availability.

We also enjoy exploring the beautiful canyons of southern Utah! -->

Check out our YouTube channel with playlists for Introduction to Materials Science, Materials Informatics, or worked MSE example problems.

We also host a Materials Science Podcast entitled Materialism available on Spotify, iTunes, & YouTube.


MSE 2001 Programming for Materials Science & Engineering: Spring 2021-2022
MSE 2010 Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering: Fall 2013-2021, 2023-present
MSE 2160/2170 Elements of Materials Science & Engineering: Fall 2014-2021, 2023-present
MSE 3310 Introduction to Ceramic Engineering: Spring 2014-2017
MSE 5540/6640 Materials Informatics: Spring 2022, 2024
MSE 6001 Engineering Materials: Spring 2015
MSE 6011 Advanced Materials Techniques: Experiment, Theory & Characterization: Spring 2015 - 2017
MSE 5050 Materials Innovation: Fall 2015, Spring 2017, Spring 2020
MSE 5800/5801 MSE Internship: Spring 2018
MSE 7800/7801 Graduate Seminar: Fall & Spring 2018-2022