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CS 3200 - Introduction to Scientific Computing

The following schedule is approximate and subject to change.
Date Topic
Aug 22

Introduction to Scientific Computing

Aug 24

Model Problems
Euler Methods

Aug 29

Tools: Matlab and SciPy

Aug 31

Random Numbers and Monte Carlo Methods

Sept 5

No Class - Labor Day

Sept 7

Numeric Integration

Sept 12


Sept 14

Vectors, Matrices, and Linear Systems

Sept 19

1D Finite Difference

Sept 22

2D Finite Difference

Sept 26

Vector Norms, Matrix Norms and Condition Number

Sept 28

Gaussian Elimination

LU Decomposition

Oct 3

Iterative Solvers

Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SOR

Oct 5

Iterative Solvers

Steepest Descent and Conjugate Gradients

Oct 10

No Class - Fall Break

Oct 12

No Class - Fall Break

Oct 17

Introduction to Meshing

Oct 19

Introduction to Meshing (cont.)

Oct 24

Introduction to Visualization and Perception

Oct 26

Introduction to Visualization and Perception (cont.)

Oct 31


Nov 2

Scalar Field Visualization Using Isosurfacing

Nov 7

Scalar Field Visualization Using Volume Visualization

Nov 9

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Nov 14

Vector Field Visualization

Nov 16


Nov 21

Root Finding

Nov 23

Guest Lecturer TBD - Machine Learning and Data Mining

Nov 28

Guest Lecturer - Pavol Klacansky - Virtual Reality

Nov 30

Guest Lecturers - Clement Vachet and Yong Wan - Medical Visualization

Dec 5

Guest Lecturer - Jixian Li - Machine Learning and Visualization

Dec 7

Last Day of Class - What I Hope you Learned

SCI Institute Distinguished Lecture Schedule

SCI Institute Image Analysis Seminar

SCI Institute Visualization Seminar