Hello everyone!  Thank you to everyone who visited my web page.  I have some new comments/FAQ after the Slashdot effect.  :)  Also, a history page.

Welcome to my web page on how to make a simple ECG (electrocardiograph - also known as an EKG).   Here you will find information how how to build one with less than $10 in parts.  But before we get started, let's take a moment to talk about shop safety. Be sure to read, understand, and follow all of the safety rules that come with your power tools.  Knowing how ....ummmmm, sorry.  I guess I got into a little New Yankee Workshop moment there.  :)  Anyways, I do want to talk about safety.  This device requires you to strap electrodes across your chest.  This is inherently dangerous.  Both because of the pain caused by sticky tape pulling hairs out of a person's body and also because even small currents can kill.  Do not attempt this experiment if you are not comfortable around electrical devices unless you fully understand the potential problems with this device.  I am not responsible for any harm you may cause yourself.  I have done everything I can think of to make this safe, but don't come crying to me if you find yourself dead.  

Now that I've started with this positive note, I can begin.  I've split my web page into two sections.  One for the impatient - who would like to make their own NOW.  And the other for people who would like a little commentary from me.  Oh, and those of you who just want to see the final product and don't care about the details, just skip to the Results.  Happy reading!

Quick Details on building your own ECG

In Depth Information about my ECG

    Introduction - What is an ECG?  History behind it.  What was I thinking?!

    Some Stuff Sought Out - Miscellaneous things that I needed but didn't have

    Adventures in Analog Land - The primary amplification circuit - all good ol' analog

    Plenty of Programming - The visual basic source

    Results - Maybe it's not perfect, but I think it's COOL!

    Future thoughts - I still think I'm perfect, but I'm ready to argue these specifics

    Notes/References - I didn't make this all up.  Here's proof!

    Special Thanks - to all those wonderful people!  Muha, muha!

    Debugging - things to try if it's not working

    Links - some links you may want to look at


Not bad for about two weeks of work, eh?  If any of you have any comments, questions, insults, etc; please email me (although, you'll need to remove the nospamy part of my email address).  Thanks for coming.