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Contact Information:

Kevin J. Whitty
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
The University of Utah
50 S. Central Campus Drive, Rm. 3290
Salt Lake City, Utah  84112  USA
Tel: +1-801-585-9388
Fax: +1-801-585-9291
Email: kevin.whitty(at)

Greetings, and welcome! These pages are a repository for things related to my classes and research at the University of Utah. The "courses" tab above will bring you to pages with information about the courses I teach. These pages are also the resource gateway for current students. Clicking the "research" tab will bring you to a series of pages that describe the research I work on and current and completed projects I am responsible for. The "labs" pages describe the laboratories in which said research is performed. The "people" tab brings up list of current and past students I have advised. "Diverse" includes everything that doesn't go anywhere else. "Links" provides a list of links relevant to my work and life.

A quick bio:  I am an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Utah, where I have worked since 01/01/01. I am also part of the university's Institute for Clean and Secure Energy. I was born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon and received my Bachelors degree in chemical engineering (1990) from Oregon State University. I moved to Finland shortly thereafter and received my Masters (1993) and Ph.D. (1997) from Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. For a few years after getting my Ph.D., I lived in Stockholm, Sweden and managed pilot operations and research projects for a Chemrec, a company developing gasification technology. I now live in Park City with my wife Tess and our two children, Alexander and Alicia. I run when I can, ski in the winters and raft rivers in the summers.

A note about these pages:  I have very little artistic ability. Although I can write html code, use Dreamweaver and program just fine, I do not have the talent necessary to make pages look attractive. So, I searched for templates that look nice. I found this one on I think it looks nice, but it does take time to make the link graphics and to program all the neato Java image swapping. Of course it's not necessary, but it's spiffy when it works.

Thanks for visiting!

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