CS 6620 - Ray Tracing - Project 14 Teapot Competition

Tzu-Ying "Diana" Wang


Platform Information:
     CPU    2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
RAM 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 OS OS X Yosemite ver.10.10.5 Development and Result: First image: The concept for this image is that the teapot pours out the water and they become little crystal droplets and bounce everywhere. I use glossy surface and reflection for the teapot and set the reflection value low so that it will not look too bright like a mirrow. All the droplets are using the same material with refraction. That's why you can clearly see what's behind them.
For the light and shadow, I use soft shadow and point light to make it easier to see the position of the droplets. The environment is a box with same material and color.
Second image:

To see the droplet more clearly, I create another scene which make the camera lay on the ground and close to one of the droplet.
The scene is after teapot pours the droplet out and all the crystal droplets lays on the ground.
All the material are the same as the first image. I put some droplets befind the closest one so that you can see them after the rendering.

After rendering this, I think that I can depth of field in this scene, so I create another image with dof:

Third image:

I set focal distance between the closest and the second closest, That's why the closest one looks a little blur but the second one looks clear.