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Timothy Trimble

Software Developer - Game Desginer - Programmer




I am a Software Deveoper and Game Designer through and through! I've lived in Honolulu, Boston, and currently Salt Lake City where I attend the University of Utah as a student of the Computer Science and Entertainment Arts and Engineering(EAE) degrees!

I am gamer and a coding enthusiast who loves to find new ways to play and implement interesting games. In my free time, I like to create a variety of tabletop game software to assist players and especially game masters.

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Timothy Trimble
3424 s 575 w, #C
Bountiful, UT 84010


Pathos is a 3D stealth puzzler game that is currently under development within the Unity engine. It is capstone project for my undergraduate degree. I am working as an engineer in a team of 13 and have focused my attention on UI and Sound programming.

To see more visit the official Pathos website
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A Moth to Flame

A Moth to Flame is a Forced Perspective platformer where the main character can turn into his shadow to change his view of the world. He can only exist in one 2d plane at a time and must use the different perspectives to traverse the world and recover his wings. On this team I am acting as the Lead Programmer on a team of 6! I have coded all the logic behind gameplay as well as modified the Unity Editor so that other team members can develop more effectively.

Checkout the progress by following the Trello board
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Hill Aerospace Museum Survey App

During an internship with the Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy, Utah I created an IOS App for the museum Ipads to replace paper surveys. The app takes the user answers and compiles them into .txt files that not only show the survey responses, but also the staistics of the different responses out of all response collected during that particular month. I also made an easy to follow guide for the museum staff on how to operate the app!

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Tiles and Tribulations

A Python based board game created during the Fall 2016 semester at the University of Utah. This was one of the first games I ever created. It featured a procedurally generated map, dice rolling, and a pixel art format. On this project I handled the core coding with the gameplay loop and setup in a team of 3 people.

Visit the Project's Github to see more!
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Introversion is a game created in the Univesity of Utah's "Alternative Game Development" class in Fall 2018. It was created in Game Maker Studios 2 entirely in Game Maker Language. It is a turn based conversation simulator meant to showcase the struggles of being an Introvert.

Visit the Project's Github to see more!
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Sprite Studio Deluxe

Sprite Studio Deluxe is a C++ QT Creator project that is a basic sprite editor. I worked in a team to create the software and focused on setting up the exporting option (including export to gif option), and basic sprite saving/storing.

Visit the Project's Github to see more!
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