CS 6620 - Ray Tracing - Project 14 Teapot Competition

Amit Prakash


Development and Result:

First image:

This final project is created using minimal settings for my ray tracer. I am only showcasing Anti-Aliasing, Shadows and Reflection capability of my ray tracer. 
Below image is consist of three teapots with different materials. And it has another model (taken and tweaked from Digital-Tutors tutorials). All of which are residing on 
a reflecting surface.

Second image:

After placing the objects little better way and tweaking the camera; I got a better image compared to previous one. I preferred all to make this in dim light environment - as the materials which I created for the non-teapot model looks little better in dim light rather than in bright light.

Image with small duffuse on the reflecting surface

Acknowledgement 1: Teapot Model - http://www.cemyuksel.com/courses/utah/cs6620/fall2014/?prj=5 2: Another Model - Digital Tutors Tutorial Projects Platform Information: CPU 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7-6820HK
RAM 32GB OS Windows 10 Education