2016 ACM
Rocky Mountain Regional
Programming Contest
Utah Site Information

Links for use during the competition

These will be updated a few days before the competition.

Pre-Contest Information

The School of Computing at the University of Utah is proud to be a host site for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Regional ACM Contest.  The site director is Peter Jensen (me, click for picture), and I would be happy to have you come compete at the Utah site.

This competition is part of a larger contest, and registration is required.  For information about this competition or to register, please see the Rocky Mountain Region Contest Information page and the ACM ICPC Official Site.  Details about the worldwide contest can be found here.

Contest Site Information

Detailed maps and pictures are available here.  Please note the revised parking directions below.

The contest will be held in rooms 224/226 of the Warnock Engineering Building (WEB) on the north side of campus.  You may view a detailed map of our part of campus, or you may get a broader perspective using the map browser of the University of Utah Map

Parking in most lots is by permit only on Friday until 8:00 PM.  Please use the meters or the visitor lot near the Union building on Friday.  Parking services has a great interactive map to help you find visitor stalls:

Interactive parking map

Most visitor stalls are pay-by-smartphone.

Parking in most general parking spaces is free on Saturday.  (Each lot has a sign at its entrance that will confirm this.)  Handicapped and service vehicle spaces are restricted and enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don't use them.  Note that there is a football game on Saturday on the other end of campus.  I will be checking into parking arrangements shortly to make sure there are no issues.

Check-in is at the banquet Friday evening and in the WEB 1000 level gallery on Saturday. 

Note: The building has an upper level (numbered 1000 and above) and a lower level (numbered 200 and below).  If you find yourself in the wrong portion of the building, proceed to the central stair column.  See the pictures.

Computing Environment

News as of October 27: Both the Linux machines and the Windows machines have been recently upgraded, and are now running more recent versions of all software applications.  All teams are encouraged to explore both types of machines before the contest starts. We will ask you to finalize your decision (Linux or Windows) by 9:00 AM on Saturday.

Linux:  CentOS 7.2.1511 running on an i7-4790@3.6GHz with 32 GB ram, emacs, vim, nano, pico, sublime, gedit, Eclipse (Neon, 4.6.0) with Java 1.8, Netbeans, gcc/g++ 4.8.5, Python 3.5.

Windows:  Windows 10 running on an i7-3370@3.4Ghz with 16Gb ram, Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 (.net 4.6.01586), Eclipse (Neon with Java 1.8), Python 2.7.10, vim, emacs. (No Netbeans.)

Contest Schedule

Most sites in the region have a pizza party on Friday night (at the practice contest), and a banquet on Saturday.  Since many teams have a long drive ahead of them on Saturday, we invert this schedule.  We have a welcome banquet for meeting the competition on Friday night, and a pizza party immediately after the contest on Saturday (so that we can conclude earlier).

This schedule is subject to change.  (I may find us an alternate banquet location.  Also, I have set the banquet a bit earlier this year so teams can get back to the practice session.

Friday, October 28:

         5:00-6:30     Check in and banquet - see below

	 7:00-9:00     Check in and official practice time using the online submission system

Saturday, October 29:

         8:15-9:20     Late check-in, continental breakfast, free lab time to warm up

         9:30-9:50     Meeting for all participants

        10:00-3:00     COMPETITION / Lunch provided at 11:30

         3:00-3:30     Results calculation

         3:15-4:15     Pizza party in the Gallery, door prizes, and results announced

I am currently planning the Friday banquet to be held at Chuck-A-Rama from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM.  (It is informal - there will not be an organized group or reserved space, but please find us and join us.)  They are located at 744 East 400 South in Salt Lake City (about a mile from campus on the south side of 400 South).  All teams are encouraged to come, but I recommend arriving by 5:45 PM or you won't have enough time to eat.  Please tell the hostess you are with the ACM group.  I will stand up front to receive the teams until 5:45 PM.

The official practice time will be on Friday after dinner.  The regional judges will operate their servers and contestants will be given a few practice problems that parallel the format of the actual problems on Saturday.  All teams are strongly encouraged to attend.  This gives you a chance to debug your input/output techniques prior to the contest.  If you are unable to come to dinner, please check in with me in WEB L 226 after 7:00 PM Friday.  I will very likely leave the lab by 8:00 PM.

Teams may also check in on Saturday morning, but you'll miss the official practice time.  Your team must check in before 9:20 AM on Saturday, October 29. 

The contest runs from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and is sometimes slightly extended for fairness purposes.  Teams will be required to wear supplied contest shirts during the competition.  For competition details, please see the ACM site.

Because many teams drive a long distance to arrive, I have moved the restaurant dinner to Friday night and kept the post-contest activities to a minimum.  Note that on Saturday we will likely finish our pizza before the official results are known - we'll have a small drawing (with fun prizes) and then announce the results.


There are no official coach activities this year. During the competition coaches are welcome to briefly photograph their teams (with an escort), but should remain outside of the competition areas otherwise.

Motel Information

Note as of October 13:  This section is out-of-date.  I may update it, but I'm no match for Travelocity or Trip Advisor.  I simply recommend that you find lodging within four miles of campus (approximately north of 2300 South, and east of 500 West).  (If you have a hotel link to recommend, email me and I'll post it here.)

On-campus lodging is available through the University Guest House.  Reservations can be made by calling (801) 587-1000, or by visiting their web site.

Other nearby lodging includes Marriott University Park and Skyline Inn.  A comprehensive list of Salt Lake City lodging can be accessed through www.tripadvisor.com.

Contact Information

Site administrator:

    Peter Jensen
    50 S Central Campus Dr Room 3190
    Salt Lake City, UT 84112

    (801) 585-9418