Here is a collection of some of my work.
I have some code on Github as well.

Consult Station Landscape Consult Desktop

Consult Desktop + Consult Station

Patient care providers at Inpatient Rehab Facilities, such as Physical Therapists, need to fill their consult orders on-time. These information displays, built for Cerner, are intended to help them keep up with their work. The Desktop version is meant to be displayed on a typical PC workstation. The Station versions are meant to be displayed on large TVs within the unit.

My Contributions: Design, Coding.

Technologies Applied: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, CCL

Designed for Internet Explorer (Because Cerner uses it)
Consult Desktop
Consult Station Landscape (Designed for a television.)
Consult Station Portrait (Designed for a portrait-oriented television.)


Moby Motion Isolator

There are researchers who need to track cells in microscopic videorecordings. Artifacts often get in the way of this process. Moby Motion Isolator is a MATLAB script that removes everything that does not move in a video.

My Contributions: Coding, Website.

Technologies Applied: MATLAB

Project Website
Project Github



Police officers need to stay on top of their training. Coordinating the training of an entire department can be an intimidating task. TrackTrain is a Web-based service that helps training coordinators do their job.

My Contributions: Designed Some Pages, Created Interactive Prototype, Designed Some Icons, Gathered Early User Feedback.

Technologies Applied: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator

Interactive Prototype
Project Website

game rig


Team of four, semester-long Digital Design Lab. Built a computer that plays a Labyrinth game, implemented it on an FPGA.

For ease of use, the whole thing was rigged to a satellite dish mount. Tilt the screen, watch the disk move! Objective: Get to the green hoop. Avoid the red ones.

My Contributions: Wrote Python Prototype & Machine Code, Designed Game Graphics & Poster.

Technologies Applied: RISC-A Assembly, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Large Explanatory Poster (Click File > Download)
Python Prototype (Click File > Download, extract, navigate to Play the Python Prototype > PlayMe.py, run with a Python 2.6 or 2.7 interpreter. Requires PIL to be installed.)

model and real world model library and rooftop

Outdoor Model

I built this ambitious outdoor 3D Virtual Reality model for the Perception research group.

Technologies Applied: Maya, 3Ds Max, Vizard, Python.



This application encourages a top-down approach to writing. First you plan the structure, then you write each section. In the end, it formats everything for you!

My Contributions: Designed and Programmed GUI, Website.

Technologies Applied: C++, Qt

Project Website

think outside

Think Outside

Pay special attention to the animated navigation bar in this one.

My Contributions: Designed Logo, Website.

Technologies Applied: HTML, CSS, JQuery

Sample Website

make some noise

Make Some Noise

This tiny application encourages the user to make noise!

Technologies Applied: Python, Multithreading

Code (Requires Python 2.6-2.9 and the PyAudio library to be installed.)


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