• Performing an application of deformation-based morphometry to neuroimaging. Specifically, it entailed the preprocessing, organization and management, mapping, analysis, and subsequent 3D visualization of the large autistic child dataset from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The goal of this research work was to build a brain atlas of maps—maps that provided nonrigid B-spline transformations from a brain of an individual autistic child to that of an average autistic child (01/09-08/09)


  • Simulating nephrological drug diffusion with 3D finite element solver to compute efficient drug delivery system (02/07-12/08) Project related site
  • Perform molecular modeling and 3D visualization with computer graphics programming in Java OpenGL and JOGL under Thanh Troung @ cseo.net(08/05-02/07)
PsiViewer for generation of molecular modeling
Bioinformatics tools for the LGD-details of genome scan visualization

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