Course Works

Classes I have taken from University of Utah :


BIOEN 5070: Biostatistics
Math 5440: Partial Differential Equation
Math 5040: Stochastic Processes and Simulation I
CS 6640: Introduction to Image Processing


CS 6110: Formal Method
Math 5120: Math Biology II
CS 7930: Colloquium
CS 7940: Scientific Imaging and Institute Seminar


CS 6670: Geometric Modeling with Splines
Math 5110: Math Biology I
Math 6790: Case Studies in CES:Project1 IBM Code Project2
CS 7940: CES Seminar - Information Based Complexity: Project
SCI Seminar


CS5480: Computer Network
Math5740: Mathermetical Modeling: Project
CS6220: Advanced Scientific Computing
SCI Seminar


CS6630: Scienticfic Visualization: Projects
CS7650: Realistic Image Synthesis: Projects
CS6210: Advanced Scientific Computing
CS6540: Intro to Human/Computer Interaction
CS5480: Computer Network
CS4500: Senier Project: Project
Math 5600: Survay of Numerical Analysis
Math 5010: Intro to Probability
Math 2270: Linear Algebra


CS5600:Introduction to Computer Graphics: Projects
CS5610:Advanced Computer Graphics I: Projects
CS7650(2004):Realistic Image Synthesis: Projects
CS4400: Computer Systems
CS3100: Model of Computation
CS4540: Web Software Architecture

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