CS-7961 Projects

Presentation Schedule

Project presentations will be in class on Wednesday, April 28. 2CR projects will have 5 minute presentations, and 3CR projects will have 10 minute presentations. Team projects have additive time (I added up the time that would be allocated for each individual). Due to the large number of presentations, we will strictly adhere to this schedule ... you will be cut-off when your time is up! So please plan your talk to ensure that you can concisely describe your project and present your results within the given time period.

IMPORTANT: Please email your slides to Prof. Riloff by 11:00pm on Tuesday, April 27 so that we will not need to switch laptops between presentations. Your slides should be in either .pdf or .ppt format ... do not send .pptx slides!

Project Deliverables

Each team must submit two things by 11:59pm, Monday, May 3:
  1. The source code for your project. Please turn in all of the source code files that you wrote for the project. You do not need to turn in the data set(s) that you used, or any external code that you used (e.g., a part-of-speech tagger). You only need to submit the source code files that you wrote.

  2. A short (~2-3 page) project report that contains the following:
Please submit all of these items via electronic handin on the CADE lab machines using the following command:
      handin cs7961 project YourFileNameHere

I hope you all found the projects to be interesting and enlightening!