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CS 6962 - Computational Inverse Problems

Date Topic Handouts/Activities
Aug 23 Syllabus
Aug 25 Introduction to Inverse Problems
Aug 30 Introduction to Inverse Problems (cont.)  
Sept 1 Discrete Inverse Problems
Sept 6 Discrete Inverse Problems (Cont.)
Sept 8 Regularization Methods  
Sept 13 Regularization Methods (cont.)  
Sept 15 Regularization Parameters  
Sept 20 Regularization Parameters (cont.)
Sept 22 Solving Real Inverse Problems
Sept 27 Solving Real Inverse Problems (cont.)  
Sept 29 Iterative Regularization
Oct 4 Iterative Regularization (cont.)
Oct 6 Image Deblurring
Oct 11 Fall Break  
Oct 13 Fall Break  
Oct 18 Guest Lecture: Professor Hari Sundar  
Oct 20 Guest Lecture: Professor Elena Cherkaev
Oct 25 Image Deblurring (cont.)
Oct 27 Large-Scale Inverse Problems
Nov 1 Guest Lecture: Professor Rob MacLeod  
Nov 3 Large-Scale Inverse Problems (cont.)
Nov 8 Guest Lecture: Professor Ouk Choi
Nov 10 Guest Lecture: Professor Michal Zhdanov  
Nov 15 Guest Lecture: Professor Ed DiBella
Nov 17 Statistical Inverse Problems (cont.)
Nov 22 Guest Lecture: Professor Ken Golden  
Nov 24 Statistical Inverse Problems (cont.)  
Nov 29 Case Studies  
Dec 1 Case Studies  
Dec 6 Project Presentations  
Dec 8 Project Presentation  
Dec 17 Final Project Due

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