Geometric Computation for Motion Planning
CS 6370 and ME EN 6225

Schedule: MWF 9:40-10:30AM
Location: MEB 3105
Instructor: David Johnson
Office: 3190J MEB (ph) 585-1726
Hours: I am generally available and through appointment.
Texts: We we use selected portions of Planning Algorithms by Steven LaValle, available online at for free or purchase.
MatLab student edition (you need MatLab availablility, either through purchase or use in the labs)


Robot motion planning formulates safe motion through a modeled environment. This problem can be formulated in a high dimensional space, known as a configuration space, and various approaches to a solution use this abstraction in creative ways. Underlying these approaches are fundamental geometric computations, such as model-model intersection and minimum distance, with broader application in computer animation, simulation, computer-aided design, haptics, and virtual reality. Topics to be covered in this course are spatial subdivision and model hierarchies, model intersection, distance queries and distance fields, medial axis computations, configuration spaces, geometric constraint solving, and motion planning. Classical geometric planning algorithms will be covered as well as current randomized approaches and topics on localizations and SLAM. The course will rely on lectures, readings, and projects to provide understanding of current practices in the field.

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