Subject:   CS 5961/6961 Computational Statistics

From: Richard F. Riesenfeld

Time/Place:  Tu/Th 2:00 – 3:20  in  WEB 1248

Instructor: Richard Riesenfeld,

Text: John E. Freund, Mathematical Statistics with Applications (2007)

General Description: This is a new course in fundamental statistical techniques used in computer science, with special emphasis on methods occurring in computer graphics and scientific visualization.  Basic elements of probability theory will be covered as needed to understand the structure and use of the statistical procedures developed.  Thus, the basics of probability theory will be reviewed, but the focus will be on understanding and computing statistics in applications that arise in our graphics and visualization curriculum.

No previous background in probability or statistics will be assumed, although it will be expected that students are comfortable with elementary calculus.  Theory will be undertaken as needed to develop and understand the statistical methods selected for study, however, the purpose of the course is to understand applications rather than delve into mathematical theory for its own sake.

The final choices of topics beyond the common elements of probability and statistics will be guided by the interests of those enrolled and the material that will be used in courses in graphics and visualization.

Motivation:  There is a core of some basic statistical methods that many of our courses use, so this special course is being launched to give our students better background and preparation as they undertake the mentioned application areas.  The goal is for students to have a more satisfactory experience in our application areas, and allow those courses to concentrate on their own important specialized agendas without having to spend as much time reviewing elementary statistics.  It is hoped that this will lead to a more satisfying experience for both students and instructors in our areas of specializations.

Please contact me via email if you are interested in taking this course, or have questions.