CS/ECE 5785/6785: Homework 1

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You must find an embedded device that you can take apart. A piece of consumer electronics is ideal, but it can be anything that contains integrated circuits mounted on a PCB. If you aren't sure that you can take your device apart in a non-destructive way, then you should choose a device that you can afford to break. See John if you cannot find any suitable device. Disassemble the device to the point where you can see all integrated circuits (ICs, or chips) inside it.

Part 1

For each IC, or for the 5 largest ICs (for devices which have more than 5 ICs), report the following:

Part 2

Say when the device was made (estimate if you don't know for sure).

Estimate the total cost of the PCB portion of the device.

Part 3

Briefly describe your findings in class on Tues August 28. Bring the device to show the class.

What to Hand In

This assignment is due BEFORE CLASS on Tuesday August 28.

This homework requires electronic handin of a document in PDF format that answers parts 1 and 2 above. The handin directory is "hw1". See the submission instructions for more details.

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