Food Storage Tracking for the Future


Americans that have a rainy day food storage are seeing food and money go to waste because they do not have an easy way to track their food purchases, organize their current food storage inventory, and track expiration dates of food products so that they can consume the food before it expires. What food buyers need is a way to track and organize food items that they purchase for storage. We want to enable this with a mobile application that has the following key features:

Ultimately, it is important for families and individuals to have a solution to help them use the food in their long term storage before it goes bad in order to save thousands of dollars on food costs and more efficiently utilize the available food resources.



Task 1 - User’s ability to add and view food storage inventory conveniently.

Options View

Scan Barcode Screen

Scan Successful View

View of Current Inventory

Task 2 - Providing users with expiration date information and alerts regarding upcoming expiration dates.

Configure Push Notifications

Push Notification

View Upcoming Expirations Dates

Inventory List with Expiration Dates



Andraia Allsop

Lead Designer

Daniel Clyde

Testing Lead

Alice Griffin

Project Manager

Priyanka Parekh

Content Curator