CS 2420-20 Homework 0

Due: Thursday, January 12th, 2012 9:10am

Start with jam.zip, and see README.txt in the unpacked zip file.

Part 0 – Subscribe

Subscribe to the course mailing list as noted on the course page.

Part 1 – Write Your Name

Change disk in the Jam zip file so that starting execution from address 0 draws your name on the screen instead of “hi.”

Part 2 – Make It Red

Change disk in the Jam zip file so that it draws in red instead of white, with the constraint that you cannot change the font data in disk. You’ll have to change the “function” near the start of the disk so that it converts white pixels to red pixels as it copies them to the screen.

Part 3 – Handin

To handin your revised disk file, use the “Upload” link on the handin server: https://rains.cs.utah.edu:7979/servlets/status.ss

Last update: Tuesday, January 10th, 2012