CS 1410-20 Lab 1

  1. Implement manhattan-distance, which takes a posn and returns the number of “blocks” from the origin to the posn, which is the sum of the posn’s x- and y-coordinates.
  2. Implement walk-south, which takes a posn and returns a posn that is like the given one, but with the y-coordinate incremented by 1.
  3. Choose a representation for toast:
  4. Implement yummy-toast?. Toast is yummy when it’s white bread toasted to a level between 6 and 8 inclusive.
  5. Implement toast-more, which takes some toast and makes it more toasted, if possible.
  6. Choose a representation for bagels:
  7. Implement yummy-bagel? (specified however you like—examples should clarify).

Last update: Wednesday, August 31st, 2011