CS/EAE1030: Foundations of Computer Science

Course Instructor: Dr. David E. Johnson
Instructor webpage: www.cs.utah.edu/~dejohnso
Email: dejohnso@cs.utah.edu
Office: MEB 3146 (3rd floor, west facing side of building)
Meeting Time: Lectures: M/W 2:00PM-2:50PM Labs: T/H varied times
Classroom: WEB L101

CS/EAE1030: Foundations of CS is intended as an introduction to a number of scientific principles and engineering approaches that make possible the rapidly changing field of computing. It is not a typical programming course, although students will explore programming while exploring course concepts. One goal of the course is to provide a firm foundation upon which to continue studies in computer science.


Who should take this course? Students who are interested in the field of computer science but who do not have a computational background should take the course before taking the rest of the pre-major sequence. Students can place out of the CS1030 requirement by taking a placement test - instructions for the test are at http://www.cs.utah.edu/~parker/instructions.

The course looks full - what should I do? Students can request a permission code by filling out a form at http://www.cs.utah.edu/forms/permission-code-request. You will be contacted if a space becomes available.

I need to change labs - what can I do? If space is available, you can add the new time and drop the old. If it does not look like there are spaces, use the permission code request to indicate your interest in a change. Hopefully, there is someone else who has requested the reverse change and we can swap your two spaces.

I can't find the textbook for this course! Technically, that is not a question but I will answer it anyway. There is not a required textbook for the course.

I see a spot has opened up - give it to me? Adding a question mark doesn't automatically make it an actual question either. But again, I will answer it. There can be a lag between someone dropping the course and a person on the waitlist adding it. If you are that person, we will let you know. CS1030 is also crosslisted with EAE1030, so it may be that we are balancing enrollments between the two parts of the course.