Computer Science 1040
Spring 2017
Creating Interactive Web Content

Welcome to CS 1040. Before going any further, please read this description of the class. Then come back here and follow the directions below.

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Course Syllabus

Joe Zachary
Phone: 801-581-7079

Ability to use a browser to surf the web.

Course Description:
You will learn how to use HTML and JavaScript to create interactive web pages. For example, here is a case study that you will be studying during the semester. By the end of the semester, you will understand everything about how it works.

As you learn HTML and JavaScript, you will also learn a variety of elementary computer programming concepts. We will not be using the fancy software packages that allow you to create web pages without getting your hands dirty. Instead, we will be going "under the hood" to see how web pages really work. If you're not interested in how web pages work, this may not be the course for you.

There are 12 online lessons, each of which includes interactive examples, ungraded exercises, case studies, and graded assignments. The assignments are due at roughly one-week intervals during the semester. The solution to each assignment will be posted online within a few days of its due date. No assignment will be accepted after its solution is posted.

There is also a two-hour midterm exam and a two-hour final exam. You will need to register with the U-Online office to take the exams at a testing center. The exams are taken with pen and paper. You are allowed to bring one sheet of notes to the midterm and two sheets of notes to the final.

System Requirements:
You can "attend" this class from anywhere that you have access to a computer equipped with an Internet connection and a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. The assignments at the end of each lesson are submitted, graded, and returned electronically.

All of the required course materials are included in the twelve online lessons. You will not need to buy a textbook.

Grading Policy
The course carries three semester hours. Each of the twelve assignments will count for 5% of your final grade; the midterm will count for 20% of your final grade; and the final will count for 20% of your final grade. Your course grade will be based on the following scale:

100 - 90%A, A-
89 - 80%B+, B, B-
79 - 70%C+, C, C-
69 - 60%D+, D, D-