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Agilent ADS

EM Simulations



Patch Antenna Modeling


First, install the current CST CD on your PC.  License: license.eng.utah.edu  port 27030.  Then Login using remote access >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Remote Access instructions

Version 1

Version 2


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Lab Equipment

UofU Lab Equipment Pages

TDR Theory


HP 8510C Network Analyzer

SMA and 3.5 mm connections


(equipment, General Info)

HP85070 Dielectric Probe


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Technical Information

 Smith Chart

(And a ton of Spread Spectrum Resources)


TLINE & Chart

Code of Federal Regulations



Patents / Trademarks


More from IEEE


Thorpe, North, Western tutorials

Agilent Educators Corner


Tiny (Bug sized) Radio

Dielectric Database

uWave Rules of Thumb

Genetic Algorithms


Cavity Modes

RF Cafe

Tons of ECE Stuff from Maxim

Khan Academy (More Video Lectures )



Plasma Physics

Antenna tutorials



Math Tutorials




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Parts and Materials

MiniCircuits (RF components)

Tons of ECE Stuff from Maxim

Pasternack (Connectors)

Coil Craft (Inductors)

Digikey (misc)

Analog Devices

(RF components)

High Speed Components

National Semiconductor

Rogers (RF circuitboard)

Maury Microwave (connectors)

ComBlock (rapid Prototyping)

Conductive Fabic


www.astrodyne.com/ for power supplies

www.budind.com/ for enclosures

www.phoenixcontact.com/ for bussing assemblies and other easy mounting modular items. Everything snaps on Din Rail



www.ittcannon.com/ for connectors


www.fsinc.com/ I think this is the place that has the C/C++ development environment for a number of different microcontrollers


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Industry Journals

Many of these have free subscriptions, online archives of technical articles, tutorials, career

Websites, etc.

Applied Microwave & Wireless

Microwave Journal

Microwaves and RF

High Frequency Electronics

Sensors Magazine

IEEE Online

IEEE Spectrum


Aerospace Testing



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No More Lecturing (Dr.Furse’s Video Lecture Method)

Why and How I Quit Lecturing

My YouTube Channel

ECE3300 Intro to EM

ECE6340 Numerical EM


My Other Online Notes

ECE 5325/6325 Wireless Communication

ECE 5320/6320 Microwave Engineering I


Khan Academy (More Video Lectures )


Antenna tutorials


Math Tutorials

UofU Lab Pages


Antenna Overview

(by request)



Making a World of Difference: Motivational Slide Show for Women in Engineering

(by request)

Agilent Educators Corner



IEEE AP Education Committee Shared Resource Site

Broadening Participation in Science and Engineering Faculty

Women and Men of the Engineering Path (www.nsf.gov, search)


Service Learning: Anita Borg Institute

Many Teaching Links (esp team and active learning)

UofU Higher Ed Teaching Specialist Program


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General Writing Resources

UofU Writing and Speaking Resources


IEEE Format and References

IEEE Author Info (including templates)

Making better figures, see matlab tutorials

Standard Abbreviations


Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

Graduate Student Survival 101

Making better figures, see matlab tutorials

Furse’s Favorite Proposal Outline



UU Thesis / Dissertation Handbook



Furses Favorite Thesis Outline

UU Thesis Template (Word)



Microsoft Scientific Word Trial Version (with thesis template)





Chapter 2: Literature Review


Reference Format

Your Defense

Giving a Better Talk

Legibility Artwork to Screen




Writing Lab Reports

Handbook of Lab Reports

How to Write a Lab Report


More about lab reports


Writing Grants and Proposals


Proposal Writing Tips

Grant writing hints

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UofU Student Resources

University College Advising


Marriott Library

Counseling Center


Testing Center


Tutoring Center


UofU Higher Ed Teaching Specialist Program

UU Grad Student Travel Awards

Undergrad Research Support

IEEE Student Resources

Business: Lassonde Institute

UU Intellectual Property Policy


GradNet (links for students)

Test Taking Help

OnLine Research Help (UU Library 24-7)

NSF International Summer Program

PhD Comics

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UofU Faculty Resources

Research Funding (VP Res)

Funding Opportunities, Grant Writing Help, More

MYRA:  My University Research Assistant

Undergrad Research Support

UU Intellectual Property Policy

Center for Teaching and Learning

Marriott Library

Technology Assisted Curriculum

(Online course development grants)

Learning Styles

Teaching Committee

Faculty Hiring


Student class photo lists:

CIS website employee tab;

Class Lists; Picture Roster

Set up a Survey

Grant writing hints

Webmail CADE

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Business / Entrepreneurship Resources

IEEE Business 101

UofU Student opportunities




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