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WEEK 12: How Different Groups Spend Their Day
11-16-2014, 11:06 PM
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RE: WEEK 12: How Different Groups Spend Their Day
A very detailed and interesting piece of visualization.

The interactivity gives a lot of the required information. The percentage data is highlighted when we roll over which is very informative. And also upon clicking a particular part of the stack graph, we get a detailed information about the time spent by that set of people doing that particular work like eating,sleeping etc., whichever activity that we would've selected. I liked how detailed this information is. Not only is there a small explaination, it also shows how many minutes is being spent on that activity. And once a particular activity is chosen, we can select any of the group of people to see how much time they spend doing that activity in a day. This helps in better comparision. This could've been taken a step further by allowing the users to select their choice of group of people at a time and compare the time spent on a particular activity.
I found this visualization very useful and informative. It utilizes the given space well and also I feel the color palette is used very well.
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