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WEEK 12: How Different Groups Spend Their Day
11-13-2014, 08:48 PM
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RE: WEEK 12: How Different Groups Spend Their Day
This graphic is a stacked graph. I think the purpose is wholly exploratory. I think it does a good job allowing the user to filter the information across many different attributes. I had fun playing around with the data. The interaction is what makes this particular piece so effective. On mouseover the region tells you the percentage of americans in that filter that are performing that activity at that time. This is cool, because it is hard to tell absolute percentage from just looking at the graphic, but with the mouseover it becomes extremely clear. I think the visualization could be improved by allowing the user to filter across multiple columns. For example I wanted to know what males aged 15-24 were doing with their days but I could only filter on one of these criteria. Since the purpose of the graphic is exploration I think that the difficulty of seeing absolute changes between the categories is less important, which is the major drawback of the stacked graph. All in all I really like this Visualization.
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