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Week 12: 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England.
11-13-2014, 02:16 AM
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Week 12: 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England.
This visualization is about 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England. The visualization shows a head to head of a range of players statistics.

Link to the visualization:

1. The visualization is split into five tabs with the following titles,
TEAM and PLAYER STATS (Career) Matches

2. Each tab uses various encoding channels and types to show a number of statistical information.
For example,
The Third tab, Players Details - Batting displays player's image and uses bar chart, line chart and proportional symbol map to plot various stats.
The first tab uses dot distributed map, where each dot is represented by team icon.

3. In each tab we have drop downs to select a perticular player or a statistic type. Mouse hover on data points give additional details and link to current date data.

The visualization is clean and contains a lot of statistical data. We can practically get any type of stats for a player or team for the 2013 Ashes.
I liked the way Team icons is used instead of dots and the color choice to encode both the team.
The mouse hover on all data point gives a lot more info and a link to get the current date data.
A lot of filtering and selection is used.
We can also sort the data visualization based on certain parameters.
Clicking on any player name or team highlights the player data or the data of the players of that team.
We have option to exclude/keep any player or team in the visualization.

The data takes lot of time to load. Switching between different tab is not smooth.
In players detail tab, the default selection is 'all', which clutters the data. It should have been better to keep none or the first player in the list.
After excluding a player or team, I couldn't find a way to include it back. There is no reset button as well.
The color of axis labels could have been more dark.
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11-13-2014, 07:53 PM
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RE: Week 12: 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England.
A visualization where I can say the visualization speaks it all. No additional details (in form of text(within the visualization) or summary(separately outside the visualization)) was needed.
1. I liked the visualization a lot. A lot of data regarding the team and individual player has been collected and reflected.
2. The way the data has been reflected looks good and gives a broad overview of the stats very quickly.
3. The drop down menu button to select among different players, batting/bowling average/,age/height comparisons provide tremendous details and on fly comparisions between different players.
4. Mouse-hover provides additional details (important details like innings, runs, wickets) on the fly.
5. Exclude/keep only options are good to look at a particular player interested in.
6. Using team icon is a great idea to distinguish among the players of particular team.
7. Well-clustered and well filtered data.

The only thing I found was I couldn't figure out how to include a player back after using exclde/keep only option.
2. Initially I couldn't figure out what the numbers were on the top in grey. Later I figured that the numbers reflect matches (sum of matches all the players of the team has played).
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11-14-2014, 01:06 AM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2014 05:53 AM by soumyasmruti.)
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RE: Week 12: 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England.
First I would like to appreciate Abhishek for a fantastic critique, I completely agree with the post what he has critiqued.

The visualization is completely appealing and perfect to some extent but the problem with the viz is that it should portray the actual data of how they contributed to wins in the graph provided either with numbers or as a percentage of total data.

The iconization of the chart is eye catching, clear and appealing.

The critique's decision to improve the viz is perfect and really appreciated
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11-17-2014, 02:00 PM
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RE: Week 12: 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England.
Excellent critique. Some of the points I would like to highlight are as follows:
1)The pop up displaying the details of every player on the visualization is good.
2)A lot of data is displayed through the tabs of the visualization.
3)A proper labeling of the axis should have been provided. It was quite difficult to first ascertain what the axis represented.
4)The filtering technique is good. A lot of focus can be made on specific aspects of the data set.
5)A slight improvement can be made on the data loading time.It takes some time to load the data in different tabs.
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11-17-2014, 05:39 PM
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RE: Week 12: 2013 Ashes, a test cricket series played between Australia and England.
Nice critique, Abishek . I have a few comments - some of these may have been referred to before:

1) The data loading time is somewhat slow.
2) In the "player rankings" tab, I had a hard time interpreting what each axis stands for. Are the horizontal and vertical axes both ratings? It seems the ordering is identical along each axis, so I don't know what additional information is conveyed by the positioning along each axis.
3) In the "player ranking" tab, it's impossible to compare the rankings for England vs Australia, because the Australian team's view is placed vertically above the England team's. If they were placed side by side instead, it might have been easier to compare relative rankings of the players of each side.
4) Once you select the "Exclude" or "keep only" options for a player, its very hard to return to the default view of all players. The only way I could do this was to refresh the entire page.
5) The stats for batting and bowling under the ashes 2013 stats very well organized and layered, so I could compare performances from each team quite easily. My only complaint is the "as-at-Jan-2014" legend by the title for this tab. It seems rather redundant, given that these set of stats need never be updated (as compared to say, career stats).
6) For the batting details tab, the break up of top scores against each country by a ball area representation was nice. I would have liked a "zoom" feature, where I could focus on particular regions. In particular, there is a ton of "white" and unused space in the map, since cricket is only played in 9-10 countries. This means that there's a lot of clutter around, for instance, Alistair Cook's scores in South Asia, while the whole space between England and Bangladesh in unused.

In general, I think the overall color theme, and design is very good. Just some fine tuning on the visualization aesthetics, and the interactivity would have been helpful polishing further. Given the magnitude of information to convey and available though, I would say the overall smoothness of the visualization is quite effective.
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