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Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
11-06-2014, 04:28 PM
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Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
This visualization makes use of bubble chart to show the events in the popular book series – Game of thrones. (A song of ice and fire) and can be viewed from here -

Description –
Each bubble represents a character from the book and are grouped into Stark, Neutral, Opportunists, Lannisters and Antagonists. These titles can be seen outside the main circle. On hovering on the title, you get more info about them.
There are links between bubbles which show a kill, i.e, which character has been murdered by which.Below the bubble chart, there is a timeline used for showing the events of a character. When we click on a character bubble the details for them is displayed here.There is time control option, where you can restrict till which book you want to know the character’s story. A play button has also been added, which when clicked tries to show the major events from the book.

Visual Encoding-
The bubble size denotes the number of occurrence of a character and the color shows whether the character is alive or dead.

Pros -
1)I liked the use of bubble chart in this visualization as large data is to be shown. Using bubble chart, they have legibly displayed many characters(major and minor) at once.
2)It can even be used by the user who have still not read all the books. They can just filter it to the books they have read, and only the detail till that part about the character is shown.
3)The interactivity used is fun an easy to follow the story
4)Data ink ratio is higher since it is a bubble chart.

Cons -
1)As the number of selected books is increased it gets difficult to follow the kill and connections.
2)In the timepline plot, the dots just represent that the character was mentioned at this point in the book. Not much information is provided.
3)When we use the play option- is really fast and it gets difficult to follow the stories
b.The color used to write major events is not visible clearly. A different color should have been used here for clarity's sake.

Overall I liked the visualization, but it could have been designed better.
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11-06-2014, 09:02 PM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
This is an interesting visualization. I agree that the playback is a bit fast, because you don't have time to read the text that pops up. My biggest issue was that I had to enter full screen to see to entire circle, and I still couldn't see the controls and the circle all at the same time. My screen is not that small. It would have been nicer to have the controls to the side in order to use screen space more efficiently.

Also, the link you gave had a large banner taking up screen space at the top. I clicked on the 'X' in the banner and was taken to this address:
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11-08-2014, 12:34 AM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
As a huge fan of the books, I really wanted to like this visualization. However, I feel there is much room for improvement.

Given the complexity of relationships within these books, I feel that the largest downfall of this visualization is the extent of information that it attempts to portray. Specifically, I feel that "events" in general is much too ambitious given that the books this visualization portrays consist of 4,000+ dense pages of intricate story lines. Aside from deaths, other events are "lost in translation" as they are not effectively portrayed within the visualization. Discovery of such events is further complicated by flawed interaction (e.g. not being able to obtain more information for key events hidden beneath the current information pop-out).

This aside, I did like the decision to cluster characters based on their house designation or affiliated group within the innermost ring. It is quite interesting to see the interconnections between each in regards to murders.

Also to put the node links represented in this visualization into perspective, each post-it note (284 in total) corresponds to a death in the series. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

[Image: enhanced-buzz-2421-1384940406-0.jpg]
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11-09-2014, 03:21 AM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
Being a fan of Game of thrones I found the topic to be interesting. I agree with the critique that the playback is fast and it is very hard to keep a track of the events over a period of time and that timeline plot was not that informative.
I liked the bubble chart and grouping of the characters based on their houses and the ability to get information about a character on clicking their corresponding bubble. In my opinion, it would have been nice if we could manually adjust the playback speed. I would also have liked a mouse roll over function on each link giving details of the event. I somewhat disagree that interactivity makes it easy to follow the story.
I agree with u0923385’s critique that the amount of information that the visualization tries to showcase is huge and Game of thrones being so complex this visualization does not do adequate justice in portraying the information effectively.
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11-09-2014, 06:00 PM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
I liked this type of interactive visualization. It tried to show the complex nature of the information by making it interactive which i think it succeeded partially. The use of bubble chart and the connecting lines were nice and also the use of size and color to show relevance of each character was nicely done.
The problem with the visualization was that the data got more complicated after the second book and it became a little hard to understand the the links and details of each character.
Overall I think the visualization does a decent job of visualizing the large and complex dataset.
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11-09-2014, 07:41 PM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
I liked how the clusters for lannisters and starks changed sizes over time indicating how their influence and dominance is either increasing or reducing. Since they are trying to cover so many events the playback has to be fast. The information that a shade of grey in between the dark and light shade represents that a person is not fit is a little esoteric. Clicking on a link should have showed all the events that occurred between the two nodes. Then also clicking on any node should have highlighted all the links coming out of that node. Overall a decent visualization could have been a lot better.
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11-09-2014, 08:13 PM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
Excellent critique by the author. Some of the points I would like to highlight are as follows:
1)The clustering technique applied to group the characters is quite innovating.This helps the users to identify the group of characters as a part of a group.
2)The links helps to understand who have killed whom. But I could not distinguish the difference between the grey and the red links.
3)The interaction is a bit flawed, as the mouse rollover over a bubble, tells to click for more details. But clicking, does not generate anything.
4)The playback option is quite innovating, but is too fast to understand anything.
5)The bubble chart option increases the data ink ratio.
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11-09-2014, 08:38 PM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
This visualization presents events in Game of Thrones.This visualization is presented very effectively and has following pros---

1) Use of bubble chart to show the events.Every character is shown by a bubble.The size of bubble represents how often a character appears.Bubble chart is quite an effective way of representing all the characters.
2)Color encoding is used to show how fit a character is.Black color shows that the character is dead.
3)Links are used between circles to represent kill.
4)Circles are clustered to represent different groups.
5)Provision to visualize till a certain time frame.

However there are few cons as well---
1)Link between circles are used to represent kill but it is not evident that who killed whom.
2)Circle color is not an effective way to communicate fitness of a character as it would be hard to differentiate between similar colors.
3)This visualization is a spoiler for those who have not read books and are waiting for the videos provided user is not aware of provision of viewing till a certain book.
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11-10-2014, 12:20 AM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
I'm really confused on a lot of things about the visualization, and I honestly have no knowledge about the show. However, I found clicking Play and how everything react to that is pretty cool. This button opened my mind to new way of making a visualization. I didn't link how everything move fast, I got lost couple times, and i'm trying to only read the sentences that these bubbles show while the clip is moving. The gray lines between the bubbles don't really help much since they are thin and the colors are close from each other. However, I think it's a good visualization.
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11-10-2014, 12:32 AM
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RE: Week 11 : Events in the Game of Thrones
The visualization is trying to depict too much information. The text is cluttered and the animation is way too fast to understand any text.

Usage of bubble chart for depicting the events in Game of Thrones is a good selection. Using size encoding for the number of times each character and color encoding for the fitness of character is an appropriate choice. However 5 bins were used for depicting the fitness of character which is a bit confusing. What is the difference between second bin and third bin?

I did not like the hue chosen for encoding. Some other hue could have been chosen which would make the visualization more appealing.
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