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Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
11-03-2014, 12:24 AM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
I find this visualization to be excellent as a lot of information is conveyed very effectively and beautifully.
1. The filter is very good where we can filter by organization or by the method of leak.
2. We can also add color to the method of leak.
3. Each bubble has a mouse hover which give relevant details.
4. Each bubble is linked to a article which gives a lot of information.
5. We can also change the size of bubble based on data sensitivity or number of records stolen.

1. I find this visualization to be very large and its difficult to see all info at once.
2. I could not find the reference for bubble color by year, that is, which color belongs to which year.
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11-03-2014, 01:13 AM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
Overall the visualization is very nice, and carefully designed. I like the filters on top for bubble color and bubble size. That is for categorical and quantitative attribute the creator has given separate option for filtering which is really nice.

I also like how the bubbles are centered at the right position relative to the y-axis of time and also how it is made sure that smaller bubbles don't get hidden by the bigger ones.

I like how deselecting an organization doesn't eliminate it's bubble from the chart keeping the context of all incidents that happened.

Choice of white border color is bold and nice.

I appreciate the relative sizing of the text with bubble sizes.
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11-03-2014, 02:07 AM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
The general idea of this visualization is very nice. There seems to be 3 encodings: location (for year?), color, and size. I am very confused when I choose color to represent the years. There are 2 main colors, brown and blue, but they seem to have no correlation whatsoever with the year, even when I choose the year button for color. I don't know that that's about. When choosing method of leak for color then it looks very nice. The only problem is that I don't know what exactly "poor security" means, since we also have "hacked" as a method, and it seems that if a system is hacked then it likely has poor security. Also, how precise is the location in comparison with the year markers? I think it would have been nice if the circles had the year. There is a lot of potential. We can have many filters, and really drill down into the data.
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11-03-2014, 03:32 AM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
The visualization has nice interaction. But overall I am not very fond of bubbles. Its difficult for me to compare bubble that are far off. Similarly its not very clear what to do after a single click on the bubble. It was not mentioned why are some of the bubbles more interesting as compared to others. The filter by was a nice feature.
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11-03-2014, 10:41 AM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
I like this visualization and Excellent critique by Arvind.

Things I like
1) On mouse hover, the bubble gets enlarged. As there are so many bubbles, they get overlapped. So, it becomes too difficult to read about smallones. For this I think interactivity is very important and it is perfectly done in this visualization.
2) Filter is provided
3) Legend changes as we change between scented widgets provided on the top

Things I dont like
1) There should have been facility for search
2) When academics is selected, the filter works and many small bubbles are displayed but on mouse hover, we cannot see their details. So, interactivity does not work at all scenarios.
3) I think that data is huge but scrolling up and down every time to see the data is not a good idea
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11-03-2014, 08:33 PM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
This is a very awesome visualization, it has fantastic interactive operation combine with the visualization. The whole visualization store a lot of information, every small circle contain additional information about this topic in this circle. Some of them are detail information, some of them are links which redirect the user to the website that have more information of this topic. The whole vis is a little crowed but the left menu give user operation to filter some data. The best thing that I like vis is that when you mouse hover on the circle, it will become very large for you with additional more information.

There is one thing that I may complain a little bit. so many circles crowed together which may overlap some other circle and this may lead the user lost some information. The other thing is that the color of the circle. at the top of this vis, the author says that the red represent interesting story but what about the others. And also the whole vis is very long some of information that I want to compare don’t work.
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11-04-2014, 02:11 PM
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RE: Week 10: World's Biggest Data Breaches
Great critique! It was very informative and thorough.

When I opened this visualization, I was immediately overwhelmed because you have to scroll to see all of the data. There isn't a zoom function so that you could fit all of the data onto your screen. Even when I data was filtered, you still has to scroll. It makes it hard to make comparisons that way. I do like the colors and the bubbles are fun. The filtering is cool by minimizing the other bubbles. The thing I liked most about this visualization is that when you hover over a bubble it gets larger and has the option for you to read about the event. If you double click, it brings up an article. I think that is great for adding information to the visualization.
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