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Week 4: Top World cup players on Facebook, Day by day
09-22-2014, 12:04 AM
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RE: Week 4: Top World cup players on Facebook, Day by day
First, a great design critique by Sayan. I really liked the visualization design created by the author too. Couple of points, in accordance with Sayan, that makes this design pleasing are:
- The data is presented in a compact manner, and the reader could see various stats(like number of facebook mentions, players ordered by country and last name) with very few clicks of the mouse or keyboard
- An interesting stat in the graphs for every player shows the time of the day they were most discussed, the most during the time matches were being played
- The size of the player images reduces and increases very smoothly when we scroll

However, the design does have some drawbacks such as,
- Only the top 3-4 players can be seen clearly by the reader. The rest get cluttered in very small images, which cannot be recognized well.
- Some players do not have images.
- The plot for number of facebook mentions for many players show just a horizontal line. This is because the very small space in which they are plotted. This can much be improved.
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09-22-2014, 01:19 AM
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RE: Week 4: Top World cup players on Facebook, Day by day
I really like this visualization. I find the pics and the way we can navigate through the duration of the world cup to be very cool. I also thought it effectively communicates its objective.
I agree with the critique that cluttering of the players is an inconvenience and sometimes it is hard to see other players since the pop up appears on top of the player and it is very hard to figure out the people at the bottom who are very small (But using the option at the bottom like Facebook Mentions we can see all the players listed) I also agree that vertical axis containing the total number of Facebook mentions got by the player would help better this visualization
Mostly we look at the most popular stars for that particular day and give less emphasis to the ones that were less popular ones so I believe that this is a really good visualization.
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09-22-2014, 09:25 AM
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RE: Week 4: Top World cup players on Facebook, Day by day
This visualization seems to me to be very effective for soccer fans, but not so much for the statisticians, which makes me think that the main audience intended here are soccer fans. The visualization does quite well in presenting the information it wanted to, though it fails on the accuracy part by showing the players' images instead of lines or bars. Another good feature about this visualization is the information shown on mouse hover.

Something which could have been improved are the blank images for few players. I also feel that the visualization by "Last Name" is not much useful in this context, and could have been dropped.
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