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Week 3: Where Poor and Uninsured Americans Live
09-15-2014, 04:44 PM
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RE: Week 3: Where Poor and Uninsured Americans Live
I personally feel that the visualization has done justice to the data that is being depicted.

However different colors could have been used to differentiate the states that are undergoing medicaid expansion and the ones that are not.

As already indicated by nbertagnolli, a range of values of eligible adults is being indicated by the same hue. This is a minor drawback and it has been overcome by the interactivity of the visualization. When the mouse is hovered over a particular region, the exact information of that region is being displayed.

The second map 'sized by number' conveys little information. The dots are very close to each other and necessitates close observation to understand what region is being depicted. Though the interactivity clearly tells us the name of the state, number of poor and uninsured, and share of eligible adults, we do not know for sure which district is being described. The zoom-in functionality covers up for this disadvantage. However, in the case of small districts that are very close to each other and have large number uninsured people the visualization is still not so clear.
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