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Week 15: The Flavor Connection
12-06-2014, 06:01 PM
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RE: Week 15: The Flavor Connection
This is a cool visualization although user needs some time to get familiar with it. I agree with mcarter for the most part. The good part in this visualization is interactivity. It looks messy at first glance but you may get clear information with interactive panel. It provides filter function which only shows information that you want to see. It is using size to show popularity that is OK when having enough spaces. However, when comes to more information with limit spaces these blue circles may overlap and couldn't effectively express detailed information. In addition, this visualization uses node-link to present relationship between two items, and it draws a blue node in the center of blue circle when selecting a row. I'd like to draw nodes with a smaller circle because it is confusing people when blue circle of popularity size equals to node circle. Overall, this visualization is interesting and attractive.
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