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Week 15: The Flavor Connection
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RE: Week 15: The Flavor Connection
This visualization is trying to show a lot of information. It is interesting to see how different food items from different categories are related by a flavor connection. The graph is a bit cluttered with information but the good thing is we can interactively select a food item based on the frequency with which it appears in global recipe database this clears the graph a bit.
The website provides a lengthy legend (an entire page of instructions) on how to read the graph, I guess this defeats the purpose of visualization. Secondly, I dont think that using size to encode popularity and thickness to encode how strong a relationship is a very good idea for a graph which is heavily cluttered with information. The bottom part of the graph has a lot of overlapped information and is very difficult to understand.
Overall this graph provides a lot information but one has to really put in efforts to understand it.

BTW, I think we have seen this visualization before.
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