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Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC
12-07-2014, 12:45 PM
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RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC
Quote:3. They made interaction very easy to users, if we click on any point on the graph it will move right or left depending on which part we clicked.
This is a slight pro, but I believe the way in which they implement this could be vastly improved by adding some sort of dragging/swiping capability.

Quote:4. There are Next event and previous events displayed on the graph if there are no events in that particular year and if we click on those we will be redirected directly to that event instead of going through all years in between.
I felt that this could have been vastly improved, by having the next/previous buttons always present. As it is implemented now, it requires me to scroll to an unused zone to skip to the next major data block, which to me is slightly annoying.
Quote:Cons: ...
To add to this list even more, I notice that multiple events will highlight when your mouse isn't even near them.(At least it does in mozilla) Thus, for a suggested improvement, I would fix the rollover so that it only highlighted the event which you were currently rolled over.
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