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Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC
12-05-2014, 03:33 PM
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RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC
This is a really good and impressive vis which provides a large number of information. l like this vis very much because it is very artistic and aesthetic. The interaction part of the vis is handy and clean for users to get the information they want. Many techniques are used in this vis to show the viewers large amount of data.
I agree with the critiquer that the color chosen to represent the groups of years is visually appealing and the images on the background are very nice and helpful for users to understand the whole vis. And I also think the black pots in the graph are a little annoying and useless, as mentioned in the critique which could be approved.
Overall I agree this is an awesome vis which are very intuitive and can be easily used to get information efficiently.
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