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Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC
12-05-2014, 03:25 PM
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RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC
I agree with MukteshKhole that "Take A journey" feature is great. It feels like reading a book from chapter to chapter with consistent topics.

However I think the main timeline structure is not so good. It simply put several event that happened in the same year in the same column, and group the columns into several eras. It is reasonable, but this presentation makes checking a specific topic hard. I think change the "next event" button to check the next related event makes more sense. Also, floating my mouse over the blank area will make three events to pop up. It confuses me since the three pop up events are generally not related in any sense.

Another observation is that events are denser towards modern era. So make the timeline a hierarchical structure should help dealing with this imbalance.
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