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Week 13: World Economic Forum
11-21-2014, 12:18 AM
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Week 13: World Economic Forum
The link to the Visualization:

The visualization shows the participation at World Economic Forum. It has different types of categories for this purpose. Like, Gender, Regions, Countries, Sectors, Age. The colors and show at the bottom of the visualization act as additional filters.

Things I Liked and about the Visualization:
1) The interactivity of the visualization. - allows filtering the data by Gender, Country, Region, Sector and Ages.
2) The colors used to differentiate the genders and the regions - Using separate hues for categorical data is in sync with Visualization principles.
3) The zoom in and zoom out functionalities in the Countries category, reduces the amount of clutter as we zoom and provides different layers of information at different zoom level.
4) The highlighting feature in sectors and ages.
5) The mouse roll over functionality to find what the data point represents.
6) Every graph has a summary which tells a story which fulfills the purpose of visualizing the data.

Things I did not like about the Visualization:
1) In the countries tab, a lot of the circles are overlapped and it becomes difficult to see how many participants belong to which country.
2) I would have liked to have seen what each color represents on the side without having to move the mouse over them.
3) Participants tab does not provide much information the bubbles are so small that hovering over them to get information is too difficult.
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11-21-2014, 12:30 AM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
This is a very good visualization. It has data filtering which does an excellent job at providing the required information in the most effective way. When data is filtered across countries the visualization changes to a map which was a really good decision. The color coding used is good. The visualization is providing a lot of information using multiple views which I think was a very good decision as putting all this information in one view would have cluttered the visualization.
Few things that I would like to improve on are instead of geometric zoom at country level I would have loved to see semantic zoom wherein some more information was provided as more area became visible.
The other thing is that the participant tab does become very difficult to use as the bubbles are too small and clicking on one bubble and getting the information for it does not make any sense.

Overall, this was an excellent visualization especially because of the different filtering categories provided.
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11-21-2014, 03:46 AM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
This visualization is heuristic: how to combine and convey multiple features. In this visualization,the choice of color hue is effective. There are six colors which are good enough to represent different regions. At the same time, human vision could distinguish them at once without confusion. Encoding these color channels, if we choose different type and purpose buttons, different views are shown including countries, regions and so on. Even gender ratio could be expressed using combination with color and spatial partition. The best aspect of this visualization is the usage of animation, which change one view to another one, very clear and simple.
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11-21-2014, 11:23 AM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
The visualization is doing well on filtering the different categories data including gender, age, etc. But it seems the categories data is not much enough to use this complicate animation. I mean, I cannot get any other information from the interactive. I agree with you that the overlapped circles in countries tab are really confusing to point out. And also, the regions tab is slow to display the data.

The data maybe wants to pop out the unbalanced gender ratio in the economic forum. But the way to show this point is not quite efficient. Maybe the pie charts would be more efficient.
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11-21-2014, 07:20 PM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
It's a nice and informative visualization. Things that I liked are:
Filtering is used to provide information in different categories like, country, gender, age etc.
The interactivity is also encoded well.
Good choice of color hues.
Different types of graphs are used in different tabs.
Mouse rollover functionality is also good and informative.

The things that I didn't like about it are:
I was expecting a summary of what color represents what in different graphs. But, it is missing.
Also, the bubbles are really small size in case of participants tab. Which makes it difficult to find the details about a particular bubble unless and until one uses mouse rollover.
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11-21-2014, 07:23 PM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
Nice critique by kbsvarma. I really liked the visualization. It shows different types of factors on which data is analyzed.
I liked the interactivity provided in this visualization. On mouse hover, we can see details of person who has attended the meeting.
For such large data. filtering is essential and this visualization does a good job in this matter.
Colors are used to identify different gender and regions to which the person belongs. Colors used are decent and do not cause any confusion.
For every graph, details are mentioned above it. It is very useful for the viewer.

The only problem I think is that visualization is quite slow and not efficient.
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11-23-2014, 01:15 PM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
I liked the interactivity of this visualization. The user can filter out data based on gender, regions, countries, sectors and ages. In case of regions, the animation is quite slow. The countries are overlapped and makes it difficult to distinguish the participating countries. The countries could have been better represented.

Overall, the visualization is easy to use and analyze for the user. But, some of the filters could have been better represented.
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11-23-2014, 03:05 PM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
The interactivity of the visualizaton is commendable. Following are the pros and cons I thought about the design.

- Data filtering allows the user to filter the data based on different factors.
- Zoom in/out in Countries tab and conveys different information at different scales.
- Mouse rollover functionality to see what datapoints actually represents.
- Color coding follows the basic principles of visualization.
- Multiple views help reduce the clutter a lot.

- Participants tab is difficult to maneuver because of exteremly small-sized bubbles.
- Countries tab has lot of bubbles overalapped, which makes it difficult to distinguish one from another.

Overall, I feel the design does a good job of visualizing the different factions of the data.
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11-23-2014, 10:11 PM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
This is a very well structured piece of visualization which gives a summary about the variety of participants in the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in davos. The things that I like about this are:
1. The mouse rollover interactivity is very subtly done which gives a peek into the details of an individual participant.
2. The color hues representing categorical data of gender is very clear and does clash with each other.
3. The slow transformation of the participant bubbles when we migrate between different tabs is very well done. It helps the user understand how participants are distributed across regions and the gender of each participant.
4. Zooming feature in the countries tab is very helpful.
Some of the things I disliked are:
1. The original view of the participants tab contains only single colored bubbles which isn't that helpful.
2. The overlapping bubbles in the countries tab can overshadow information about some countries.
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11-30-2014, 08:18 PM
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RE: Week 13: World Economic Forum
This visualization is good, it filter by different attributes. One of the great feature zoom in and zoom out are easy to user for read. However, it more complex to user on first slide because it has too much information and not categorize. On mouse move, user could see the detail one each point which represent a guy in the chart.
I think this visualization has lots of information, and it could make user confusion. And it also has good design for category.
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