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Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
11-21-2014, 01:27 PM
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RE: Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
The visualization is awesome. The title is appealing and caught my eye instantly.
Things I liked:
1. I liked the illustrations of controllers rather than just putting their names out.
2. The color coded keys where each distribution is not represented in a color palette but the key itself resembles that color.
3. Representing the evolution of each class of controller as a tree (top-down).
4. The distribution is done based on color(for each class of controllers) and year.
5. I think the blue and bluish-purple is visible clearly in the image (well it doesn't mix with the background)
6. The ticks on "year" axis are are marked at uneven spaces based on the size of the tallest controller from that year.
7. Gives us an idea about how long have video games existed.

I didn't:
1. The cords look nice but is messy.If 2 similar colors (differ only slightly in contrast) overlap then it might get difficult to follow one cord. Also, in a certain area, if there are lots of cords crossing each other, then it can get difficult to track a particular cord even if they are color coded.
2. No user interactivity. Wish if there was a mouse-hover or a way to select a particular controller or the class of controllers to view more details about it. (may be something like names of couple of games that were/could be played on that controller.)
3. The logo is not fitting the title.

I think its a effective visualization.

It would be so much interesting to know the comparision between evolution of controllers (and games) and difficulty in studying for the kids (the effects of it over the kids in those years).
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