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Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
11-20-2014, 11:17 PM
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Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

The data:
This flowchart-type visualization represents where each type of video game controller originated. There is a color coded key on the upper left side, under the title, to explain the types of each controller. The viewer can follow the cords to find each controller's successor. There are thin horizontal white dotted lines running through the image in approximately one inch margins. On the right of the image, the year each controller came out is labeled next to the corresponding dotted line, with the oldest controllers at the top, and newest ones at the bottom.

What works:
The designer put a lot of effort into the style of this visualization. They used illustrations of each controller, rather than using text to simply label the controller. To show the relationship between controllers, and yet make sure each was placed in the proper year, they connected them with lines that resembled power cords. The image is colorful and interesting to look at because of all the detail in the composition. The way they sorted how they came up with each evolution is labeled in the key. For example, if the viewer wants to see which controllers are motion capture/ motion gun based, simply look for the mustard yellow line.

And I thought it was a nice Easter egg to have the Wii U in a class on its own, and brought a smile to this gamer's face.

What doesn’t:
1) The “cord” concept is cute, but like real life cords, it tends to get tangled up and confusing. It gets hard to follow at times.
2) The title logo doesn’t seem to fit. It resembles a family crest. I think it would have been more fitting to use something that related to video gaming.
3) More user interactivity would have been nice too - for example, a zoom-in or out feature to focus on details or a way to select only one type of controller and filter out the other archetypes.
4) The color scheme was mostly good, but the blue and bluish-purple cords against a background which was also a shade of blue were somewhat non distinctive.

Overall, I thought this was an effective visualization. I chose it because it was visually appealing to me, and represented a subject I’m interested in. Moreover, I like the creativity of the arrangement.
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