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Week 13: How they close to win
11-24-2014, 01:01 AM
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RE: Week 13: How they close to win
This visualization works well on many aspects and I find most of those points have been covered by the previous comments. The key aspects of interactivity and smooth transitions as we change from one sport to another has been excellently presented.

The details regarding the time in which player finished or completed his/her event also provides another dimension of information. The ordered display also gives a nice intuitive feel of the fight for competitions and places. The option for changing the scale from feet to meters ensures that the interpretation of visualization is easier for people across different geographic backgrounds.

Although almost everyone agrees that having constant Y-axis is an issue, I personally feel that is still fine with this visualization as it works
out for most of the events barring a few. Even in those cases mentioned above, we do have a mention of the distance by which the person finishing in subsequent positions were, which makes up for it.

Things which I felt could have been better with this visualization are:
1. Color coding used.
2. The person who won the gold medal is highlighted in yellow. I feel similar highlighting could also be done for the silver and bronze medalists.
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