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Week 13: What happened to Flight 370
11-23-2014, 02:43 PM
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RE: Week 13: What happened to Flight 370
With the slides, this is a different visualization than I'm used to viewing.

Overall, I don' t think slides are an effective visualization. The information would be better off with some sort of interaction on the same page. The various pictures are nice but they still could be kept in a one screen vis with a bit better design. Actually this feels more like a story than a visualization (not that stories aren't told in typical vis). However, this one misses some key elements of a true vis.

Part of the problem is comparing items in the vis. If I want to compare slide 6 with something in slide 2, I have to scroll back to find it. Typically, a one - click away comparison would be better. For example, if I wanted to remember the flight path or events that occured.

The color choice is excellent and does paint a picture of oceanic travel. The story does come across in the slides.

Interesting choice of visualization to share, u0745839. What obsessed you to select this one?
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