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Week 13: What happened to Flight 370
11-18-2014, 06:08 PM
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Week 13: What happened to Flight 370
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. We do not know the reason of its disappearance. We do not know where it is. And we do not know if there is any survivors. Over six months later, it still remains a deep mystery. Here's a visualization of the information we do know about Flight 370.

This visualization is a series of slides. Start from the third slide, each slide describes an event on the day it disappeared in a temporal order. On each slide, the time of the event and the description of the event are shown as text, an illustration of the event is shown as a figure, and the position of the event are shown in a map.


* It combines different kinds of data( text, map, time, illustrations) in a way that users can percept without any trouble as opposed to other forms of information presentation that separate text and maps and requires user to go back and forth.
* It tells a story which is critical in attracting user's attention.
* Good color set choice.
* It uses different colors in illustrating paths. Orange path is the actual path from plane's transponder before it went missing, and gray one is the projected path with information gathered from other sources.


* Does not generalize to other event.
* There's not much interaction we can do with the slides.
* Animating flight path is not necessary.
* Although the gray path has been illustrated as a projected path, its solid line segments and solid dots indicating event points seem too confident. A visualization of all possible path distribution would be better.
* The time interval between slides varies from a couple of minutes to hours. This information is now shown in this visualization.
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