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WEEK 12: How Different Groups Spend Their Day
11-17-2014, 12:29 AM
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RE: WEEK 12: How Different Groups Spend Their Day
This is a very interesting and detailed piece of visualization which gives a sneak peek into how different groups of American people spend different times of their day doing different kinds of work.

The main view categorizes how everyone spends their time. Clicking on a specific group in the top right corner shows how a specific group like 'Men' spend their days.
Also their clicking on any activity isolates out the statistics of the main activity. In order to get a more detailed view one can even see how a particular group spends what time on a particular activity.
The interactivity of the graph is nicely done and one can hover over the graph to see the exact percentage of people spending their time on a particular work.

The only downside is that in the main view the stacked area chart doesn't really help a user understand about the percentage of people doing a specific activity.
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