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Week 10: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
11-09-2014, 11:53 PM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2014 11:53 PM by IVIunTaseR.)
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Week 10: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
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This Visualization shows the strikes from 2004 - 2013 made by the drones " tiny airplane without a pilot controlled to fly for military purposes" by the US army on Pakistan. The visualization explore a hug data and it shows the children, civilian, and others who were killed by this technology. The page has more info for the ones who wants to know more about the subject.

The beginning of the visualization is interesting, where the lines drop as a bomb with a story to the year where it happen with a description on the victims. The bombs dropped and the victims are numbered, and you could see the ratio under the years where its great to compare the results that the drones made during the years. Moving your mouse over the chart will show you the many bombs were dropped, the date it happened, the victims, and where it happened with a short paragraph about the action.

I liked many things on the visualization, the idea and the purpose of it is simple, yet strong and affective. The colors were picked carefully and red serve the visualization just right. It's a clear visualization with many different ways to view it, also not confusing, since the programmer walks you through it indirectly. Moreover, everything happens in a good speed where your eyes could see and your brain can understand, I wasn't confused on what's going on at all, also I didn't spend a second to question it. Try to click on [VICTIMS] to see the way the visualization changes, the total attacks and victims are represented and detailed for a better view and I could see that Dec 2011 is the worst month with 23 bomb and 157 victim. Finally, finding the extra news down the page is pretty cool and it helps the visualization.

There are only few things I didn't like about the visualization. A map can be a good option to be added as another way to view the visualization, it should give a good overview about the area and how the attacks were done and where. The gray lines could be used to represent the [where], but here they're created randomly. The only way to go back for the few lines that were shown at the beginning of the visualization is to refresh the page. It took me a second to click all over the page to see what is clickable and what is not.

Overall, I think this visualization is great, that it helps the purpose it was made for, it has ton of useful information, and looking at it for ten minutes should be enough to come up with a quick conclusion on what you think about this technology.
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