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Week 11: The Flavor Connection
11-03-2014, 11:53 PM
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Week 11: The Flavor Connection
The visualization can be found here:

[Image: The-Flavor-Connection-750x699.jpg]

Scientist have linked common flavored compounds across the world's favorite ingredients.
-Each blue dot represents a food item
-Similar foods are grouped into 14 category columns
-Bigger the dot, more popular the food among recipe
-Lines connect food that have compound in common (thick lines means more compounds are shared)
-Vertical position of the dot represents the total number of food connected to it and that it shares common compounds with bunch of other foods. Foods at the bottom are unique
-On selecting a particular food, we get a graph on the right which gives us a number of times that particular food has appeared in the recipe database. And on the left, the "number" of foods that shares a common compounds with the selected one.

-The viz is SLOW
-On filtering/selecting a particular food, the viz works smoothly
-The use of gray lines to connect food in same category was unnecessary.
-The graph on the right, which portrays the count of the food item in a recipe database, is too light. It didn't really catch my eye initially. Use of brighter color for left/right graph would have helped.
-The bottom of the graph looks very cluttered
-Because of space constraints, only the most popular ingredient in a cluster of dots is labeled. I wish there was a zoom-in/zoom-out effect. This would have helped to look through the cluttered space properly

Overall, it was a good viz. The graph looks subtle but the use of brighter color would have helped even more.
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